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Thrive in Your Anatomy Class

- David Morton

Learning anatomy should be fun, not intimidating.

Are you worried about how you are going to learn and make sense of over 3000 anatomy terms?

Are you looking for fun, relatable, and accessible videos to help you learn anatomy?

Do you want to develop a more thorough understanding of anatomy to help with clinical reasoning?

My goal is that you will smile while learning anatomy.

I get to the point quickly in each short video so you can learn faster.
I ask and answer the questions you need to know on each subject.
I teach easy to remember phrases and mnemonics to help you keep processes straight.
I provide a comprehensive workbook as a companion and study aid for each video.

You can start learning right now. It's easy and free!


Select an anatomy video.

Choose a subject area and video for the specific concepts you are working to master. There are 28 subject areas and over 130 total videos.


Download the workbook.

Each video has an accompanying workbook with: learning objectives, textual outline of the video and accompanying images.


Watch the video and take notes.

Print the notebook or use your computer to take notes and answer associated questions as you watch the video.

Join over 120, 000 others who are learning with The Noted Anatomist

  • Shoulder Elbow Paper Puzzles Tutorial
    This was so much fun hahaha. A great way to gather all the knowledge of the upper limb, thank you and keep up the good work.

    Kristina Canak

  • Anatomy of the Scalp
    Excellent video, i'm amazed with your teaching and animation skills. They're just perfect! Keep up the good work.

    Simon Gallo Echeverri

  • Anatomy of a Lumbar x-ray
    I have not seen the better explanation with best videography how good you did it. I subscribed immediately after watching 2 videos. Liked it. ? 

    Panky Mogha

  • Neurological levels schematic
    You have an unrivaled talent when it comes to teaching anatomy, and i think i speak for a majority of your viewers when i say we are so grateful for these videos.


  • Dermatomes
    Thank you so much for breaking this down! I'm about to start my orthopaedics rotation and this SAVED me regarding testing these dermatomes in the ER!

    James Hilton

  • Inguinal canal & Spermatic cord
    Wish I found this hours earlier. This is a fantastic explanation and schematic. Thank you!


  • Hand muscles
    You just made me emotional with how well your logical explanations are.....!!!

    Ravy Kiran

  • Adrenal gland
    Excellent lecture! I am a radiologist and it was a great refresher for me of anatomy but mostly physiology of the adrenals. Please keep on making such lectures with your excellent educational skills. And go on with physiology and even pathophysiology. Thank you!

    Robert Prejs

  • Pituitary gland and Hypothalamus
    What a blessing this video has been!!!! You made this so simple AND I actually enjoyed it! Thank you, thank you!

    Catherine Lora

  • Skull bones, sutures and landmarks
    I don’t have word to describe how perfect was this video. Thank you so much for this Sr.! Keep this content on YouTube, we need you.

    Gustavo Mendes

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