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David A. Morton, PhD, MS


  • Originally from Shelburne, Ontario in Canada
  • Took my first anatomy class in High School and got a C-
  • Took my next anatomy class my first year in university and fell in love with anatomy in lab


  • Playing guitar
  • Trail running
  • Camping and hiking
  • Spending time with family


  • BS, Brigham Young University
  • MS, University of Utah School of Medicine
  • PhD, University of Utah School of Medicine

Teaching Honors:

  • The University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award (2017)
  • Leonard W. Jarcho, MD Distinguished Teaching Award (2013)
    Outstanding Educator Award, Center for Anatomy and Functional Morphology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, NYC (2012)
  • Health Care Hero Award in Education, Utah Business Association, SLC, UT (2015)Fellow in the Academy of Health Sciences Educators, University of Utah (2012 to present)
  • Outstanding Pre-Clinical Instructor Award: 2006, 2014-2016, 2017-2019
  • Outstanding Allied Health Teacher of the Year (2015, 2018-2019)

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