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03.Female Repro System. Orgasm

This brief video tutorial is Part 3/3 of a series on the Female Reproductive system. This tutorial focuses on the female orgasm (nerve pathways for stimulation and orgasm). -

  • 1:16 Stimulation (Somatic sensation: Pudendal nerve) -
  • 2:50 Stimulation (Parasympathetics: Dilation of BVs and erection) -
  • 5:52 Orgasm (Pudendal nerve: Rhythmic contraction - Pelvic/Perineal mm) -
  • 7:43 Orgasm (Sympathetics: Rhythmic contraction of Pelvic organs) -
  • 12:45 Compare and contrast Female and Male orgasm -
  • 13:24 Summary of innervation and female orgasm

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